Emergency Housing Services

"We know that when people are safe in their homes, they are free to pursue their dream for a brighter economic future for themselves and their families."

George Pataki

If you are in immediate need of assistance please call our hotline. 
All Crisis Intervention services are free of change and confidential.

Emergency Housing Hotline: 1-844-673-5499

To schedule an appointment with an advocate in person please call our housing office at 641-673-5499. We can meet with you at our offices or a safe location. 

Our housing advocates understand that finding permanent housing can be an overwhelming experience. Our advocates will work with you to help make the housing search more manageable as well as assist you in identifying and overcoming the barriers to permanent, self-sufficient housing.

Crisis Intervention Services has a 24-bed emergency shelter that is available to individuals and families who are survivors of domestic and dating violence and/or sexual assault.


Crisis Intervention Services also has a 2-year Transitional Housing program, which consists of four apartments that are available to individuals and families who are survivors of domestic and dating violence and/or sexual assault and have multiple barriers to economic self-sufficiency.


Other services include:
- Information and Referrals: Information to increase knowledge of community resources and programs available. 
- Counseling and Support Groups: Short-term crisis counseling, advocacy and support groups for survivors of domestic and dating violence and/or sexual assault. 

- Criminal/Legal Advocacy: Support during crime reports, criminal and civil court proceedings, and obtaining pro se protective orders. 

- Economic Advocacy: Assistance with money management, job-seeking and housing-related issues, and financial literacy courses.

- Housing Advocacy: Assistance in identifying and overcoming barriers to sustainable housing, and rental assistance. 

Funded in part by 


"It's great to know that there is a place that I can go when I'm at such a low place in my life, when my bucket doesn't even have a bottom. This place helped me get back on my feet and fill my bucket back up. I really appreciate the work that staff does, and will never forget the difference CIS has made in my life."

-Housing Client 

"These ladies [at CIS] are the 'best' and they have helped me in more ways than one and they go all out to help you in every way possible. Thanks so much CIS."

-Housing Client

"The staff at the CIS shelter gave back to me things that I thought I had lost forever. They gave me tools, hope, and gentle hands to keep me safe and rebuild myself, and now I have a non-violent, loving house that I call home."

-Housing Client 

Sexual Assault/Violent Crime Hotline: 1-800-270-1620 

Emergency Housing Hotline: 1-844-673-5499

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-464-8340 (Provided by Family Crisis Center)

CIS is supported by United Way of Grinnell, Jasper, Mahaska and Marion Counties. 
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Non-Emergency Number - 641-673-0336 
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