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If you are in immediate need of assistance please call our hotlines. 

Sexual Assault/Violent Crime Hotline: 1-800-270-1620. (Sexual Assault Services

Emergency Housing Hotline: 1-844-673-5499. (Emergency Housing Services) 


Domestic Violence Services are provided by our sister agency, Rural Domestic Abuse Program.
Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-464-8340. 


To schedule an appointment with an advocate in person please call our Main Office at 641-673-0336.
We can meet with you at our offices or a safe location. 

We are here for you.

CIS advocates are available to take your hotline calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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How to Help a Friend

Victims of violence need supportive family, friends and communities. Here are some tips to help the people you care about: 

  • Believe them.

  • Listen. 

  • Assure them that it was not their fault.

  • Tell them that you are sorry that it happened to them.

  • Let them know that you appreciate them being brave enough to share their story with you.

  • Respect their personal choices as they cope with trauma in their own way.

  • Provide a safe environment for them.

  • Respect their personal boundaries; they might not want to be touched or comforted physically. 

  • If you are struggling to find the words to support a victim, contact an advocate. We can help.

  • You can provide them with resources such as our hotline (1-800-270-1620), but remember that it is important for survivors to make their own decisions as a step to regaining control and overcoming feelings of helplessness.

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Sexual Assault/Violent Crime Hotline: 1-800-270-1620 

Emergency Housing Hotline: 1-844-673-5499

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-464-8340 (Provided by Family Crisis Center)

CIS is supported by United Way of Grinnell, Jasper, Mahaska and Marion Counties. 
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Non-Emergency Number - 641-673-0336 
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